As we discussed yesterday, OSHA updated its COVID-19 guidance on January 29, 2021. Yesterday, we addressed assessing the risks in your workplace and combatting the increased risk for spreading COVID-19.

Here’s the second thing you need to know:  Educate your employees!

Educating your employees on the policies and procedures in a way that they understand can more effectively reduce the spread of COVID-19.  This includes informing employees about the basic facts of COVID-19 and the prevention policies and procedures that you’ve put in place. What does this mean? Plainly, talk to them in a way they’ll understand all the changes implemented for their safety.

It’s also important to notify employees who’s the appropriate contact person in management when they’ve got a question or concern about COVID-19. Be available. Be accessible. We assure you that by establishing this relationship, your employees will be far more likely to speak to you, rather than report your business to the authorities.

We’re breaking down the recent OSHA guidance in this series. Stay tuned for the next tip tomorrow.