For employers needing to know what to do, OSHA has updated its COVID-19 guidance.

Here’s the first thing to know:  Identify what areas at work may be susceptible to an increased spread of COVID-19.

Now’s the time to attack those increased risks with a plan to reduce exposure – or if you’ve already done so, to revisit and improve your plan, including:

• Separating and sending home employees infected or potentially infected with COVID-19;
• Creating greater space between employees to comply with recommended social distancing guidelines;
• Installing shields or barriers when social distancing can’t be maintained;
• Requiring all employee and patrons to wear masks;
• Providing effective personal protective equipment (a/k/a PPE) and additional supplies like hand sanitizer to prevent exposure; and
• Performing routine cleaning and disinfecting.

By identifying and mitigating your risks of exposure, your workplace will be OSHA-compliant, and perhaps even more importantly, you and your employees will be far more likely to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

We’re breaking down the recent OSHA guidance in this series. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!