Construction is both an incredibly important – and dangerous – industry. Falls are the leading cause of death for on-the-job accidents. And on a construction site, there are countless ways to fall, unfortunately.

Recovering as a result of a construction-related fall can be complicated, and that’s why hiring knowledgeable lawyers is a must.

New York identified construction falls, as well as injuries caused by falling objects that are improperly secured, as being worthy of recovery. This is because a fall or another height-related injury during construction work often can result in serious injury or even death.

Consequently, New York applies a more lenient standard for these injuries, called strict liability, against owners and general contractors. This means that even when a height-related injury like a fall is partially the injured worker’s fault, they can recover full damages from the defendant. Simply put, if a worker isn’t provided proper safety devices, the worker can recover as a result of a fall or other elevation-related risk.

Managing the aftermath of these kinds of accidents can be overwhelming. The Coppola Firm is here to take care of these difficult issues while you take care of yourself and your family. Our team of experienced attorneys can help make you whole again.