A note to our clients and colleagues –

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to spread and the Governor now has ordered 100% onsite workforce reduction, we want you to know that we’ve invested in resources through the years so that our law firm’s structure embraces remote work, with sufficient bandwidth, confidentiality, and technological tools to answer our clients’ legal and business needs. In fact, almost all of our work over the last week already was remote, and we bet you didn’t see a difference.

Know that we consider it our duty – and our honor – to support our clients. That means being available 24/7. Our clients always have had access to our cell numbers, for example. Now, we’re redoubling our focus on duty as it must include our greater community. Part of that duty includes social distancing so we’re part of the solution, limiting exposure so that we #flattenthecurve.

Reach out to us anytime via cell, text, or Zoom. Or continue to reach out the old-fashioned ways: telephone and email.

We’re here for you and will be for the duration, equipped to take on your challenges, be a shoulder to support you, and share our legal and business insights.

May we all be and remain well.

-Your friends at The Coppola Firm