New York limited liability company (“LLC”) members have long been on the hook for unpaid wages. Since 2014, the 10 largest members of a New York LLC could be held personally liable for unpaid wages to employees of the LLC.

Personal liability means an employee can file a lawsuit against an LLC owner (called a “member”) if the LLC doesn’t pay up.

Effective February 11, 2020, New York LLC Law § 609(c) will extend this same liability to members of out-of-state LLCs, provided the employee was working in New York State. Simply put, the new law allows an employee who works in New York to bring a claim for unpaid wages against the individual owners of certain out-of-state employers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that employers – even those in financial distress – must prioritize paying employee wages. And now individual members of LLCs organized outside of New York should be mindful of this new potential liability as well.

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