The federal I-9 form is required to be completed whenever an employer makes a hire. Its intended use is to verify both the new employee’s identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Starting this month, there is a new I-9 form to use. Human resources professionals and small businesses must locate the new forms at and use them in lieu of any older versions in their office.

For employers that complete the I-9 paperwork in their offices, the new form may be completed one of two ways: (1) traditionally, by printing and completing it by hand or (2) by filling it out electronically and then printing the completed form so that it can be signed. Whichever option an employer chooses, each I-9 must carefully be maintained.

Remember, all the obligations relating to properly completing an I-9 remain, so be sure to carefully review the employment eligibility and identity documents that the employee presents.  The employer bears the responsibility of making the determination that the documents are genuine.